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"I love you guys!  I literally drive to town and go to Rian's just to stock up on ZIllion's.  Did so this past Saturday, in fact.  If you see any pictures of grilled chicken on our face book page, it was seasoned with Zillion's unless I was temporarily out of it.  We use it ALL THE TIME.  Thanks, and keep up the good work!" 
~Rob's Grill, Bowling Green, Kentucky

"Richard and Judy,  We were in the Sun Rise Café.  John was talking with you about your chili product.  You explained there was nothing in the powder that would hurt me.  So John went to the store and bought the bottle.  He made it.  It was the first time I could eat chili.  Me made me some NO BEAN chili.  It was to die for.  No gas, no pain.  Since then he has made 2 other batches.  Thank you for giving my chili back to me.  Love and peace."

"Thanks!  It was really nice of you to call.  We LOVE your powder!  I received it, originally, as a part of a "swag bag" at the Illinois Broadcasters Association Convention in 2011.  It was the BEST thing in the bag!"

"This is the very BEST of chili mixes and everyone should try it! It is a grand prize winner and lots cheaper than chili mixes I have bought in the store. You get two 4 oz. bottles and I only used 2 tablespoons for a whole crock pot of chili so you get several batches of chili for only $10.00. I have bought chili mixes for $2 or $3.oo for one batch and it is not as good as this! Buy some and you won't be unhappy. This chili was ABSOLUTELY FAAAANTABULOUS! I ate until I was so stuffed I could not eat another bite!"
~Marilyn from Texas

Pat Zillion (Mr. Z's son) entered a chili cook off at the Governor's Hanger at the airport using Zillion's Chili Bowl Chili and won 1st place! He used ground beef and roast beef chunks.

"We make On Farm All Natural Cheese at Ropp Jersey Cheese. We have sold a lot of Zillion's Chili Seasoning Mix at our store and decided to make some cheese with it. It turned out great. People love it and we can't keep it on the shelf! We call it Chili Cheddar."
~Carol Ropp, Ropp Jersey Cheese, 2676 Ropp Road, Normal, IL 61761

"I bought a jar of your chili seasoning and prepared it as directed for my family a few weeks ago. Wonderful!! My sister use to own a small family cafe and we made chili everyday. It was pretty good, but you have it beat. My sister, who now cooks on a river barge on the northern Mississippi, could not wait to get back to work to serve it to 'her boys.'"
~Sheree, Riverton

"I have family in Rochester. I had bought your product at the barber shop when it was still in styro foam containers. I've been making a lot of chili for family functions and getting lots of compliments. I give your product full credit. I wish you and your company the best of luck."

"Wow! The chili was amazing! It was a big hit. Every guest had a great time and the chili made it extra special. Thank you for taking your time to help with this! May God Bless You! There wasn't any left over."

"I just wanted to write to you and let you know that you have a big fan here in Central Illinois! I got some of your spice at the IL State Fair this past August and started using it in my own chili recipe instead of my traditional chili spices. I entered my chili recipe (using Zillion's in it) in my church's Annual Chili Cook-Off this past October and out of about 15 entries, MINE took the 1st Prize! I knew I had a good recipe, but never thought I'd WIN! I think it is definitely thanks to Zillion's Chili seasoning! I will be re-ordering some more of your spice mix and will look for you at the State Fair again next summer! You have a customer for life now! Thanks for a great product!!!"

"My daughter picked Zillion's Chili up at a food show fair last summer in Springfield. I liked it a lot and even told my Schnuck's here in South County St. Louis to get it! She ordered 6 units of Zillion's Chili Bowl on line. sent out priority mail next day."
~Betty Tutor, Missouri

"We love Zillion's Chili because it's the BEST we've ever eaten and it's VERY easy to make!"
~Debbie Sarasota, FL

"Zillion's Chili Bowl chili mix is the best blend of spices I have ever used in my chili making. Use a little for a good taste, or use a lot for a really hearty taste. In fact, not only do I use it for the chili, I use the mix to spice up vegetable soup, tacos, and anything I think needs a little zest added to it. VERY good, and at a great price. Give it a try, and I'm sure you will agree!"
~Marcia Minter, Chillicothe, IL

"I think this seasoning mix is the best mixture my family has ever tasted. My children didn’t care much for chili until we started using Mr. Z’s Chili mix!"
~Shelley Flener

"This chili mix is great! Tastes like it's straight from a chili parlor from days gone by. I use it to make chili-dogs too."

"I went to Taylorville Food Store this morning and found your seasoning again. I have been looking for it for a couple of years now. I brought the last two bottles of the chili seasoning. I was so pleased to find it in my home town. I would like to request you continue to sell your products in Taylorville. I requested that TFC continue to carry your products. Thank you for producing such a wonderful product. It is hard to find spices and such that are any good anymore."
~Penny Mann

"I got the package, and made a batch last night. I like it! It's good, has a bit of the Steak n' Shake taste to it."
~Dixie Pit BBQ & Catering, HK Foods,Inc.

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Mommy, this isn't good, it's good good!

Jane, age 5, after sampling some of our Chili Seasoning

VERY good, and at a great price. Give it a try, and I'm sure you will agree!

Marcia Minter, Chillicothe, IL

This is the very BEST chili mixes and everyone should try it! It is a grand prize winner and lots cheaper than chili mixes I have bought in the store.

Marilyn, from Texas

Wow! The chili was amazing! It was a big hit. Every guest had a great time and the chili made it extra special.

Jackie, Illinois

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